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10元提现现金棋牌See the mountains rising behind the Student Life Center. Smell the pines warming in the sun. Hit the slopes or the local trails, visit the local national parks. And taste of the nightlife. No better way to find out if FLC is your school than to actually visit.

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Campus tours

You can jump on a campus tour anytime--they're offered daily. Come to a Friday at the Fort for a more in-depth visit, or come with a group. Read more about campus visit options and how to set yours up.

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Virtual tour

Before you actually come for a visit, whet your curiosity on our virtual tour. No need to get out of your pajamas for this one, we’ll walk you through campus from the comfort of your home.

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Student life

Offset your studies with a rich student life at FLC. Indoors, outdoors, artistic or adrenaline, there's so much available on campus, in Durango, and throughout the Four Corners--see what's here for you.

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Many students at FLC aren't here working on their bachelor's or master's degree after finishing high school. Some students haven't even finished high school, and are getting a jump on their college degree, while others aren't pursuing a degree at all. We offer courses that help working professionals stay at the leading edge, and open our classrooms to those who simply can't stop learning. Learn about enrolling as concurrent and non-degree-seeking students, and our Community Learner program.


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Admission information at any college is "one size fits some" at best. If you are a guidance counselor working with students, a military veteran (or the family member thereof) with questions about VA benefits, an undocumented resident, or a prospective student coming from another country, you might be looking for some specific information. Find it here: