Thank you for participating in our scholarship application process.  We have reviewed and awarded the Foundation Scholarships for the 2019/2020 academic year.  If you received a scholarship offer for a Foundation scholarship, you will receive an email from FOUNDSCHOLARSHIPS@FORTLEWIS.EDU that will only be sent to your official Fort Lewis College email address10元提现现金棋牌.  Please respond to this email and upload your thank you letter as soon as possible.  Failure to respond may lead to your award cancellation.  If you were not selected for a Foundation Scholarship, please consider applying again for the next academic year by the designated deadline.

NOTE:10元提现现金棋牌  We are still in the process of awarding Department and Alumni scholarship awards through the month of April.

About foundation & departmental scholarships

Foundation and Departmental Scholarships, including Alumni Scholarships, the Civic Match Scholarship and the Skyhawk Emergency Grant10元提现现金棋牌, are sourced from private donors and provide financial assistance to first time, degree-seeking, undergraduate students. The Fort Lewis College Foundation offers hundreds of these privately funded scholarships each year. Student recipients are chosen based on:

  • Academics
  • Achievement
  • Financial Need

In addition, students may be eligible for departmental scholarships based on academic major.

Application Guidelines

  • Applications received on or before February 1, will be given priority consideration.
  • Please note, applications received after this date may still be considered. Some scholarships have a due date beyond the February 1 deadline.

General scholarship requirements:

  • You have been admitted to Fort Lewis College.
  • You are a student seeking your first bachelors degree.
  • You will earn a minimum of 12 credits during the Fall semester and a minimum of 12 credits during the Spring semester per academic year.
  • You will complete a total of 30 credits per academic year.

View a full to see if you qualify.


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Scholarship Manager
Advancement Office