Enchanting Southwest

Textile art on exhibit at the Center of Southwest Studies

Center of Southwest Studies

10元提现现金棋牌Both at the center of and a center for studying human relationship with the region, CSWS is a museum, library, and archive of the Four Corners' rich cultural history, and holds a record of FLC's history, as well. Whether a student at FLC, or a student of life, come see our exhibits, or dive into a research project.

Catch a show

FLC's community concert hall

Community Concert Hall

10元提现现金棋牌Southwest Colorado's premier performing arts venue holds shows throughout the year--from musical performances to acrobatics, dramatic readings to theatrical productions. With seating for up to 600 people, unobstructed visibility and crystal clear acoustics, and an elegant aesthetic, it is truly a lovely place to catch a show.

Rising stars

FLC theater student in a production

Theater and Music Departments

Our Theater Department hold productions throughout the year, and faculty and students in the Music Department also perform. Earn your hipster street cred when you see these rising stars before they're discovered.